Bee Nation

The First Ever First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee in Canada

Students in Saskatchewan compete in the first province-wide First Nations Spelling Bee, trying to make their way to the national championship. There's only one way to spell success but many ways to define it in this emotional and captivating film.

meet the kids


William Kaysaywaysemat III

Kahkewistahaw First Nation Reserve, Saskatchewan

William Kaysaywaysemat III is nine years old in fourth grade at the Chief Kahkewistahaw Community School. Math is his favourite subject and hockey is his favourite sport. William has been dancing powwow since he was 3 years old, travelling to powwows with his family almost every weekend in the summer. He has had the great honour and responsibility of being the Little Warrior for his own First Nation, Kahkewistahaw and recently for the whole Treaty 4 territory. 


Makayla Cannepotato

Onion Lake First Nation Reserve, Saskatchewan

Makayla Cannepotato is twelve years old and is in grade six at Chief Taylor Elementary School. She has a little sister and an older brother. Her hobbies are playing sports and spending time with friends. She also loves to read and competes regularly at cross-country and track and field events. Makayla won the First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee again this year and will be competing at Nationals in Toronto this May (2017). Go Makayla! 


Alexander Johansson (Xander)

Saulteaux Cree Nation Reserve, Saskatchewan

Alexander Johansson, affectionately known as Xander, is thirteen years old and in grade eight at Saulteaux Heritage School. Xander likes building fires (in their fire pit), reading books (if they're interesting), cleaning up and sometimes participating in sports and building things. His favourite pastime is playing video games. He started young. Xander is off to high school next year!


Thomas Isbister 

Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation Reserve, Saskatchewan

Thomas Edward Dale Isbister hails from Ahtahkakoop reserve in Saskatchewan. He is eleven years old and enjoys playing hockey. He has received the math award every year and enjoys school. Thomas is the only boy in a large family of six sisters. He wants to play in the NHL and be a power engineer when he grows up. 


Savannah Nicks and Josie Singer  

Big River First Nation Reserve, Saskatchewan 

Savannah Nicks and Josie Singer are good friends at Sesewahum School in Big River First Nation reserve. Josie loves to draw, especially dreamcatchers. She is part of a big family with many sisters, brothers and cousins. Her parents are Marion and Dennis Joseph. Savannah likes school and is very studious. Her Dad is Randy LaChance. Both Josie and Savannah play soccer and do many sports at school. They studied together for the First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee.