Bee Nation

The First Ever First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee in Canada

Students in Saskatchewan compete in the first province-wide First Nations Spelling Bee, trying to make their way to the national championship. There's only one way to spell success but many ways to define it in this emotional and captivating film.

first nations provincial spelling bee


History was made in April 2016 thanks to the leadership and vision of Pauline Favel. For the first time ever, a First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee (FNPSB) was held in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. The event provided First Nations children an opportunity to prepare, practice and compete in the provincial competition sanctioned by Spelling Bee of Canada (SBOC). Over 120 students ages 6 – 14, who represented nineteen First Nations Schools across Saskatchewan competed in the first FNPSB. The three finalists earned the right to compete at the national Bee in Toronto. In 2017 the FNPSB expanded their capacity to 39 schools and 157 participants from across Saskatchewan. 

The FNPSB aligns with the Truth and Reconciliation Report goal of creating partnerships and opportunities for building student engagement and lifelong learning for First Nations youth in our communities. The intention of the FNPSB was to create a venue to increase the literacy rates of our First Nations youth and to demonstrate that First Nations students are just as skilled and talented and can compete with the best of the best given the opportunity.


Pauline Favel - Director, First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee

Pauline Favel - Director, First Nations Provincial Spelling Bee